Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prologomena to Future Posts by A Person Who Exists

When discussing contributions to this blog with its moderator, she asked me to explain why I would be writing what I would write. I've been thinking about this since then. On one level, I'm writing it for my own pleasure and find things out as well as I can. I'm attempting to follow through the ideas in my mind. That's not a good reason to be a contributing blogger, though, because it only contributes to me. I am a bit of Sophist, to be sure, but I need a better reason to be posting on a blog like this than that. I mean, I'm not going to talk about things in a contemporary sense at all times, and many of my contributions will be essays in the most dry and boring sense. I'm going to be writing some straight philosophy without the filter of pop-culture. Why does any blog need this? I mean, there's a huge market for "_____ and Philosophy" books, I know I've purchased some.

The thing is, philosophy is what it all comes back to. An idea of what men and women are? That's philosophy. A stance on whether women's studies is equality or inequality? Philosophy. Whether you realize it or not, you're going to do a hell of a lot of philosophy unless you're merely doing things without thinking. That's what philosophy is at its core: thought. Sure, I could put "The pursuit of truth" and all that sort of stuff, which, yes, it is, but its got more than that. I don't need to pursue truth to be thinking philosophically, I just need to be attempting to understand the world. That's what any future posts I do will concern themselves with more than anything else. Why not do it in the form of pop-culture or politics? I will occasionally, but I want to show that you don't need those trappings for it to be readable. Blah, blah, self-righteous nobility and such.

The thing is, philosophy is important but its also just fun. Its thinking in a mode where you can think about it, which I hope will be enjoyable for this blog, otherwise I'll start a counter-blog and wage war upon this one.

-A Person Who Exists

P.S. Oh, and I will be writing a post calling all of this bullshit and saying that we need to justify philosophy. For funsies.

Editors Note: I think that everyone here enjoys thinking about thinking. No need for a war. Although, A Person Who Exists is infinitely smarter than me. - Shannon

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